Diversity Walks & Talks: Stephanie Lee

Miss Art World “Diversity Walks and Talks”
Curated by Peter Mays
Performance: February 5, 7pm, February 8, 1:30pm at the La Art Show, La Convention Center
Presented by Los Angeles Arts Association / Gallery 825

The “Diversity Walks and Talks” performance invites individual proclaimers of LA’s culture to strut the runway in celebration of their uniqueness, showcasing LA’s diversity. A variety of participants will be pre-selected and interviewed about what diversity represents to them. Their interviews will play during the runway either in video or audio format. Spectators will also be recruited live to walk the runway. A photographer at the end of the runway will document all individuals and their photos will be instantly displayed on a runway wall. This performance, like LA’s fashion and celebrity culture, is high energy, fast paced, and confident.

Category: Diversity
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