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Governor Gavin Newsom orders all Californians to stay at home – Latest coronavirus news

Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday ordered Californians to stay at home, marking the first mandatory restrictions placed on the lives of all 40 million residents in the state’s fight against the novel coronavirus. The governor’s action comes at a critical time in California, where 19 people have died and more than 1,000 have tested positive […]

Lawsuit Alleges LA Officials Not Doing Enough To Protect Homeless From Coronavirus

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to grow, an emergency hearing was held in Los Angeles federal court Thursday to discuss a lawsuit which alleges that there has been a lack of action from local officials to protect the homeless from the virus. Tina Patel reports.

Los Angeles Lakers’ Best Plays

Tracking President Trump’s Response To COVID-19

President Donald Trump’s response to COVID-19 has been under fire since the first cases began appearing in the United States in late January 2020. Here’s how his response has evolved since then to late March 2020, when state and federal governments began to take drastic measures to curb its spread. » Subscribe to CNBC: […]

California Cannabis, Virgil Edward Grant III, CEO

California Cannabis at Cannabis Pitch Live Los Angeles 2020 presented by Virgil Edward Grant III, CEO and Founder California Cannabis. http://www/

Los Angeles County orders nonessential businesses to close to combat coronavirus

On March 19, Los Angeles County announced new measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus. Called “Safer at Home,” the new policy requires nonessential stores — including malls and shopping centers — as well as playgrounds to close. Gatherings of 10 or more are prohibited. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS AND NEWS LET’S […]

Coronavirus Q&A with Los Angeles Times

What questions do you have about the coronavirus? Leave your questions here: Follow our live blog: SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS AND NEWS LET’S CONNECT: Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ►

Los Angeles County declares coronavirus emergency

Los Angeles County on Wednesday declared a health emergency as the number of coronavirus cases increased to seven, with six new cases in the county. Click for story: SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS AND NEWS LET’S CONNECT: Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ►

New Luxury Apartments Sit Vacant, Draw Protest – Homeless Problem?

REAL ESTATE NEWS Are luxury apartments sitting empty in LA? Are they contributing to homelessness? It’s common for cities to have vacant units, but in LA, the market is relatively tight, according to LACurbed. #vacant #losangeles #homeless Recently, a group of citizens marched through Downtown streets to protest new high-end apartment buildings. “Shame!’ they […]

Best hot dog in LA | Dirt Dog | Los Angeles food adventure | Cana’s World

Best HotDog in LA | Dirt Dog | Los Angeles food adventure | foodie adventure | cana’s world Hello all! In this episode, we are visiting the newest location of Dirt Dog in Pasadena, California where I am enjoying some delicious Hot Dog and Fries (LA Style). Thank you Dirt Dog for having us over […]